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Educational Expertise

To begin the support process, CLC arranges a free consultation with students and clients to determine the type of program that best suits their academic and/or professional agendas. For one-one tutoring, students take a series of initial and post-course diagnostic tests that isolate subject strengths and weaknesses. This helps instructors create an individually tailored Education Plan, regardless of the student's age or subject. Tutoring then proceeds either in the student's home, their school, a local library, etc... For clients with special needs, our professional staff has expertise and experience in a multitude of academic disciplines, enabling us to offer many specialized services: speech theraphy, dyslexia, and learning disabilities remediation.

For small group programs, such as our speed reading and effective writing seminars, our education specialists work with both large and small organizations -- either at a central location or at the client's own home. Moreover, CLC can specifically design a course or course combinations base on client needs - for example, a mixture of business writing, speed reading, memory and listening skills for organizations with unique business or educational agendas.


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