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Physics Tutoring (All Levels)

[Individual 1-on-1 Tutoring]

  • 1 h
  • 85 US dollars
  • 11309 Classical Lane

Service Description

Investigating the numinous beauty of nature and life sustaining processes is the wonderful gift science has waiting for every student; however, many find its theoretical components to be somewhat challenging. CLC tutors meld theory with application through dynamic modeling and visualization strategies that guide students through complicated material. Our tutors are especially trained and supervised by the director, Mrs. Patricia Felton, to create a personalized learning approach for each student’s scientific development. Tutors are trained to concentrate on guiding students through an introduction of foundational scientific concepts in the following per grade-level curriculum subtopics: physical quantities and units, kinematics, two-dimensional kinematics, dynamics, force, Newton’s laws of motion, friction, drag, elasticity, uniform circular motion and gravitation, work, energy, energy resources, linear momentum, collisions, statics, torque, rotational motion, angular momentum, fluid statics, fluid dynamics and its biological and medical applications, temperature, kinetic theory, the gas laws, heat, and heat transfer methods, thermodynamics, oscillatory motion and waves, physics of hearing, electric charge, electric field, electric potential, electric current, electric resistance, Ohm’s law, circuits, DC instruments, magnetism, electromagnetic induction, electromagnetic waves, geometric optics, vision and optical instruments, wave optics, special relativity, introduction to quantum physics, atomic physics, radioactivity, nuclear physics, medical applications of nuclear physics, and particle physics.

Contact Details

  • 11309 Classical Lane, Silver Spring, 20901

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