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Middle School English Tutoring

[Individual 1-on-1 Tutoring]

  • 1 h
  • 85 US dollars
  • 11309 Classical Lane

Service Description

CLC’s reading and writing tutors are passionate about introducing the love of language to their students because when reading is thought of as fun and exciting, learning is often easier too. CLC’s individualized reading and writing support will reinforce foundational language skills and make reading a fun, exciting, fruitful experience for a lifetime. Our tutors are especially trained and supervised by the director, Mrs. Patricia Felton, to create a personalized learning approach for each student’s reading and writing development. Tutors are trained to concentrate on developing reading fluency and comprehension skills that include finding the main idea, recalling facts and details, understanding sequence, and recognizing cause and effect, as well as higher-level reading skills that include making predictions, finding word meaning in context, drawing conclusions and making inferences, distinguishing between fact and opinion, identifying author’s purpose, interpreting figurative language, and summarizing information. Tutors are also trained to develop writing skills that include organizing thoughts, stating a main idea, using supporting facts, and making a conclusion, as well as, language arts skills that include punctuation and capitalization, expanding vocabulary, and mastering elementary spelling words.

Contact Details

  • 11309 Classical Lane, Silver Spring, 20901

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